I am no longer poetic

But no longer in pain

I didn’t know there was magic

Under storms and the rain


I take a piece of home with me wherever I go

It’s hard to tell where home really is

Is it the places or the people you miss?

When you’ve got ties to a city

And knots in your heart

Saying goodbye

Is always the hardest part

When can you finally call a place home?

It might not be the place you’ve always known

It might be a thousand miles away

Something about it makes it easy to stay

So whether its the people

Or whether its the place

It might even be the feeling

Of finding your own space

Whatever it is

And whatever you feel


It goes from a place unknown

To a place you get to call home



I take a piece of home with me wherever I go

Do I miss you?

Last night I dreamt of you

And the way you held me close

The weight of your arm around my chest

Felt like home again

And with the sound of your heavy breaths

And the warmth of your soft touch

I wondered if it could be real

Or just a figment of my mind

Its been years since I’ve said your name

Or found comfort in your voice

I’ve moved on to quite far away

But never far enough

Do I miss you?

I’ve Always Wanted What I Couldn’t Have

When you were there I wasn’t ready

When I should have been, I could not

What we had was good and steady

But my heart could not keep up


You asked me if there was a way

That maybe we could make it work

I told you there was no point to stay

Because you were ahead in the game


It was too much too soon for me to take

Even if we could have been

I guess that’s part of growing up

And all the mistakes we have to make



Now it is too late for me to ask

For another chance to be with you

Because the real world has caught on

And the decision was made for you


I’ve always wanted what I couldn’t have

But I never thought that would be you


For all the times you said you loved me

If only I could finally say it back now too


I’ve Always Wanted What I Couldn’t Have

I Think I Like You a Lot

I miss you after a little while

Your presence lights up a room

I miss the way you make me smile

On days I don’t see you

I’ve never met a man so kind

So humble and polite

I’ve never looked someone in the eye

And felt this could be right


You will always be enough

And that’s what scares me most

Because I don’t feel worthy of your love

But I need my daily dose

Is it selfish to want you now

But not know if I’m ready?

Is it wrong to admit to you

When my feelings are unsteady?




I Think I Like You a Lot

Heartbreak & Happiness

Nobody really tells you what it feels like to be in love, but the more shocking thing is that nobody tells you what it’s like to be heartbroken. If millions of people have gone through it, why does it still seem underrated? You think that if people really did feel it, then more people would talk about it and you wouldn’t have to feel like you were bottling it all up. You search for every song, every movie and every book that might just capture how you feel and what you’re going through just to tell yourself that what you’re feeling isn’t out of this world, because it sure feels like it.

Is it really underrated or are you just making a big deal out of it? Because how can something as big as this not be part of every day conversation when you feel it take over you every minute of every day? How come when you’re supposed to be happy, you still feel the weight in your chest? You think that the happiness you have is only real happiness after you tell the person you love about it, but that is the very reason why your heart gets shattered over and over again; when you lose that person in every “happy” moment you have. It goes the same way for when you feel sadness. You try and look for someone or something that will get you out of this sadness, but you think that the only thing that will make you happy is being with the person that you love so what’s the point in trying? Your heart breaks over and over again just at the thought of it.

People tell you that time heals all wounds and you really think that what they’re telling you is pure bullshit because how the hell would they know right? Have they been through it? Or if they did, you bet they weren’t as invested or as in love or as hurt as you because you think you lost the love of your life, your best friend, your partner and no one had that special thing you did. You thought you had your life figured out, your future planned out and your love by your side forever. You thought that the love you had was enough to fuel a lifetime and it hurts to accept how unbelievably wrong you are.

You spend hours, days, weeks, months crying about it, talking about it and maybe even writing about it. It comes up in nearly every conversation you have, every tweet you favorite, every song you sing and just EVERYTHING. It almost consumes you that you start to see how it’s made you crazy. You see this crazy in you and start to wonder if others see it too. You make the conscious effort to look and sound like you’re okay, because maybe if you tell others you’re okay then maybe you’ll be okay and maybe it’ll help you regain your sanity. Maybe they’ll believe it and maybe you will too. You then bottle up your feelings and put them aside in a safe place. A safe place for safe keeping; so you won’t forget. You half want to forget, but half don’t want to because maybe the love you had was worth remembering. Maybe there’s that small hope that you’ll find yourself back into that love again… with your love again. A whole lot of maybes.

The thing is, you can’t live on maybe’s and what if’s. You can’t live on regret either. There’s no pause sign, stop sign, buffering or loading sign to tell you when you’ll be ready to “live” again. There are no directions, no instructions and no specific steps on how to put your heart back together. You just simply have to live.

Remember what happiness was like before you fell in love. Remember how your happiness was not solely dependent on one person.  Remember that you create your own happiness.

Heartbreak & Happiness