The Best Chicken Leg Around

“Get your shit together”

I read that text one day

I knew it was the hard, harsh truth

Only he would dare to say

He says I’m gross, He calls me fat

He constantly criticizes me

He thinks he is the shit and all that

And goes around annoyingly

But there is more to that exterior

A good guy deep inside

After all, not quite superior

A heart of gold he’d opt to hide

Even if he is my biggest bully

He’s always had my back

Even if he doesn’t show it fully

He loves the jokes I crack

In craziness, he keeps me sane

He plants me on the ground

After all, he’s still the same

He’s always been around

Love you sometimes, hate you always

Dear ugly chicken leg

May you have some good hair days

And less wax on your head

You’re not the shit and all of that

But you are my best friend

And even if you deny that fact

I’m your chicken wing til the end

The Best Chicken Leg Around

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