The Funny Thing About You

They say you get a little bit older

And a little bit wiser

But you don’t feel much different

From yesterday

Though you may have added

One more candle to that cake

Subtracted the party hats

And the bright balloons

You still feel a lot like you

Even with a drink in hand

With toasts just for you

Even if you’re legalized

And your curfew has reached

The single-digit numbers

You’re still you

Your favorite color is still green

You daydream of Troy Bolton

Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth

And mom and dad are your heroes

Yes, it’s you

But it’s not until you stop

And look around

When you see

Everything and everyone

Isn’t always what you

Remembered them to be

It makes you wonder

How many yesterdays

Have you had to bid farewell

To realize that

The only thing constant

In life is change

And you are not

An exception to that rule

The Funny Thing About You

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