I’ve Always Wanted What I Couldn’t Have

When you were there I wasn’t ready

When I should have been, I could not

What we had was good and steady

But my heart could not keep up


You asked me if there was a way

That maybe we could make it work

I told you there was no point to stay

Because you were ahead in the game


It was too much too soon for me to take

Even if we could have been

I guess that’s part of growing up

And all the mistakes we have to make



Now it is too late for me to ask

For another chance to be with you

Because the real world has caught on

And the decision was made for you


I’ve always wanted what I couldn’t have

But I never thought that would be you


For all the times you said you loved me

If only I could finally say it back now too


I’ve Always Wanted What I Couldn’t Have