I Think I Like You a Lot

I miss you after a little while

Your presence lights up a room

I miss the way you make me smile

On days I don’t see you

I’ve never met a man so kind

So humble and polite

I’ve never looked someone in the eye

And felt this could be right


You will always be enough

And that’s what scares me most

Because I don’t feel worthy of your love

But I need my daily dose

Is it selfish to want you now

But not know if I’m ready?

Is it wrong to admit to you

When my feelings are unsteady?




I Think I Like You a Lot


I don’t want it to be you

I don’t want to feel

Cause when the storm had passed through

I couldn’t tell if it was real

So maybe this is the second time around

Or maybe this time will change

But please keep my feet on the ground

And keep my heart within range

I need to know I’ll be safe

I need to keep the hurt from coming

But how do you really know

How do you keep yourself from drowning?