Til today

Will it always feel like this?

To hold my tongue

To hesitate

To stay away from what I miss?

Will there ever be a time

Where it hurts a little less?

To see you there

To catch your stare

When you know inside I am a mess

Until that day

I will not say

A hint of how I feel

Because we both know

And we understand

That our love was too surreal

Whether it was true

Or all in my head

Its still the one

That keeps me up in bed

So keep me here

Away from you

Til there’s nothing left

And there’s nothing left for me to do

But to let go of you


Til today

it was real right?

if i still keep what you gave

does it mean i still have hope?

there is a part of me that cannot tell

and cannot cope with letting go

with pictures and poems and letters from you

all stored in my safekeeping

maybe i just need some evidence

that our time was not just me dreaming


it was real right?

Nostalgia is a funny word

I remember prom like it was yesterday

When my biggest worry was who my date would be

Or what dress color suited me most

I remember sleeping through classes

Going to school in glasses

With not a drop of make-up on my face

When college seemed like a world away

And so did my first kiss


How did time bring me here?

When did my innocence disappear?

Why does the world have to change so fast?

When does every first become our last?



Nostalgia is a funny word